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About Us

Circuit Advisors is able to provide free consultation, research for availability, and pricing of all bandwidth services for your business location. These services include, but are not limited to: Ethernet, bonded T1, VoIP and MPLS networks. Circuit Advisors is partnered with the top 40 commercial telecom providers in the US and we provide free consultation with certified engineers who will supply you with in-depth, unbiased information regarding any commercial telecom bandwidth service. All of this is provided with no obligation to you. To obtain real time price quotes please use the short form on our home page. We welcome all business telecom inquiries, no matter how small or how complex. Our staff is waiting to assist you.

Bandwidth Services

OC3 circuits carry a bandwidth of 155.5 Mbps. OC3 (optical carrier) is the equivalent of three OC1s; each OC1 carries 51.85 Mbps. OC3 facilitates Voice over IP (VOIP), hosting web sites for very large companies, streaming audio and/or video, or video conferencing. OC3 carries enough bandwidth to supply most internet service providers. OC3 is often far more bandwidth than most companies need. For maximum efficiency and reduced cost, other options include: T1 (1.54 Mbps), fractional T1 (less than 1.54 Mbps), integrated T1 (combination of voice and data), bonded T1 (multiple T1 lines), burstable DS3 (T3), T3 (45 Mbps), or integrated T3 (DS3). Each of the services listed above has unique advantages. Which product is best suited for your company depends on your bandwidth applications and projected usage patterns.

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